1. Clear your hold orders AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Students with hold orders cannot enlist online. You need to clear and lift your hold order with the concerned office/s before you can avail of internet enlistment and regular registration. Do this at least 1 week before online registration.
  2. Make sure you remember your AISIS username and password. In case you forgot your password, you may request for a new one on AISIS Online.
  3. Reinstated Graduate students and students coming from LOA should proceed to the Office of the Registrar(Social Sciences Bldg., 1st Floor) 1 week before online registration to have their clearance and AISIS account activated.
  4. Plan your schedules and make sure to have back-up schedules. This will help you enlist faster, in case the classes you have chosen are already closed.
  5. Immediately click the “Confirm Enlistment” button every time you enlist in a class. Then go back to enlist for your other classes. Repeat until you have enlisted in all your classes.
  6. After enlisting your classes online and printing your Assessment Form, you may proceed directly to tuition payment. (See the Tuition Payment Options document for more details) Remember to check your enlisted subjects at the bottom of the form. (See the Sample Assessment Form)
  7. Printing of Assessment Forms can only be done during your scheduled online enlistment time-slot, during the online Free-For-All schedule, or during the manual registration dates.
  8. To avoid long lines in the Cashier, pay online through the Electronic Payment System of: Make sure that you have paid online at least two banking days before August 13, 2018, and before applying for or validating your ID.
    The Tuition Receipt is downloadable from AISIS on the 2nd banking day from the time payment was made. For off-campus payments, Cashier will not print the Tuition Receipt. Cashier will print the Tuition Receipt only for those who paid on-campus.
  9. If you opt to pay through check, checks should be addressed to Ateneo de Manila University and should specify the amount you are going to pay. Also, write the following at the back of the check before proceeding to the cashier stop.
    • Name
    • ID Number
    • Year and Course
    • Contact Information
  10. You may also opt to pay over-the-counter or through other channels. See Tuition Payments documents for a more comprehensive list.
  11. After paying, check your enlisted subjects at the bottom of the receipt. This is to ensure that you are officially enrolled in the correct subjects. (See the Sample Tuition Fee Receipt)
  12. Remember to enlist in ALL advised subjects before proceeding to payment.


  1. Before proceeding to Manual Registration, indicate all problems (e.g. no slots, conflict, etc.) with your enlistment in the Manual Registration System.
  2. No ID, No REG. ID is strictly Ateneo ID or any ID with picture and signature (e.g. Driver’s License, Voter’s ID,Passport, etc.)
  3. For Undergraduates, the batch number for manual registration is different from the batch number for online enlistment.
  4. Come at your assigned manual registration enlistment schedule and proceed to your school’s assigned waiting area. All students must go through this. See Registration Procedures and Enlistment Schedule documents for this.
  5. Students from the John Gokongwei School of Management must observe the proper JGSOM Dress Code. LS students proxying for JGSOM students must also observe the proper JGSOM Dress Code.
    Females Males
    No slippers. No open-toed footwear without back straps or heels
    No strapless, backless, belly-baring or spaghetti blouses with plunging necklines, micro-mini skirts, short shorts, low-slung pants, and skirts with very high slits
    No muscle shirts, sandos and half-shirts
    No athletic shorts
    No slippers
  6. Proxying for undergraduate students is done on a 1 is to 1 ratio. Proxies must have their required documents in order to proxy. See Proxying Guidelines for instructions.
  7. Special (non-degree, cross registrants and auditors) undergraduate students must submit their required documents to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 1 week before
  8. Printing of Assessment Forms can only be done during your scheduled online enlistment time-slot, during the online Free-For-All schedule, or during your batch’s schedule. Remember to manually check your enlisted subjects at the bottom of the Assessment Form. (See the Sample Assessment Form)
    • a. Students can still print their assessment forms outside the campus as long as it is NOT their manual registration schedule or the online enlistment schedule of other year levels.
  9. Students may opt to pay online and over the counter at various channels in order to avoid long lines. See Tuition Payments Options for a more comprehensive list.
  10. After paying, check your officially enrolled subjects at the bottom of the receipt. This is to ensure that you are officially enrolled in the correct subjects. (See the Sample Tuition Fee Receipt)
  11. No proxies are allowed during ID application and validation.
  12. No Temporary IDs will be issued during Regular Registration on August 6-7; 10 (Monday - Tuesday; Friday), August 9 (Thursday), August 10 (Friday). All students are advised to bring their old school ID’s time or any valid government-issued ID for registration.
  13. Students of Loyola School of Theology will have a delayed ID validation schedule which will be announced by the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs.
  14. Students should update their AISIS Contact information before enlistment to avoid any inconvenience. Important fields are current Mobile No., Parents contact information and Emergency contact information.
    • a. Students may opt to update their student information after the release of their grades for the previous semester.
    • b. Students must update their information at least 1 week before the online registration.
  15. Schedule for ID releasing for Upperclassmen and Graduate Students will be posted at the OSS Bulletin Board at Xavier Hall and on the Ateneo Student Blue Board on Facebook (
  16. Strict ID-wearing Rule for First Semester 2018-2019 will be implemented on August 28, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

None. Just make sure you have paid for your tuition. If you paid off-campus (and online), you have to wait for two to three (2-3) banking days before validating your ID.
A load revision form can be downloaded only once through your aisis account. In the case that you weren't able to save a copy, please proceed to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) or Registrar's Office (R.O.)
There are two forms. One is the Load Revision Form. The load revision form is for adding/withdrawing classes, changing sections, and changing of subject status. Lastly, the second is the form for change of degree program/application for minor or specialization.
Your tuition receipt will be available on aisis (after 2-3 banking days for off-campus payments). If you paid on-campus, the cashier will also print one for you.
Enlistment cannot be completed without confirmation. If you do not confirm, your slots will not be registered and you will not be officially enrolled in the classes you chose. To avoid losing your slots, and losing the classes you want, click the confirm button after choosing your classes. You may print your assessment form afterwards.
Students that require special assistance are required to go to the venue for SOSE Enlistment. Non-degree students, as well as those returning from LOA, may go to the SOSE Enlistment venue during manual registration to enlist.
Printing of assessment forms are not done in the Accounting Office. You should go to the enlistment venues, instead. You may print your assessment form during assigned manual registration dates in the designated venue assigned to your school. Make sure that you have already completed the enlistment process and only require the printed version of the assessment form. People who only need to print their assessment form do not need to follow the batching schedule.
Students who are part of the varsity of any sport are entitled to a special Physical Education subject wherein only varsity players can enter and enlist in (PE261, PE262, PE263, and PE264). Only the regular PE subjects are available to those who are not part of any varsity team and they should get that PE. If it turns out that they were not able to enlist in a regular PE and mistakenly enlisted in a varsity class PE, then the problem can be fixed during the start of manual enlistment.
The batching system during the manual registration period is different from that of the online enlistment process. To avoid confusion, please check your batch number and the corresponding batch schedule for manual registration.
Subjects such as English and Literature, and Science subjects with both Lecture and Laboratory, are considered paired subjects. Students are required to be a part of only one section for paired subjects so they must make sure that they do not enlist in different sections.
For freshmen and sophomores, NSTP, PE and INTAC are non-academic courses and as such, they are not included in the academic load. Even if you enlist for these classes, you will not be overloaded and you will be able to complete the enlistment process. On the other hand, juniors, seniors, and superseniors who still have to enlist in NSTP, PE, or INTAC will have these courses added to their academic load.
Load revision forms can be obtained during the manual registration period, upon presentation of the tuition receipt or acknowledgment receipt. However, the processing of these load revision forms can only be done once classes for the semester have begun.
For more details on the process of load revision, please refer to the Load Revision Schedule.