Frequently Asked Questions

ADVISEMENT is the process of fixing a student's IPS and assigning the subjects a student will take.

ENLISTMENT is the process of signing up or enrolling in a class. This can be done through AISIS, or through the load revision process.

ASSESSMENT is the summary of fees. It does not mean you are enrolled yet. In order to be officially enrolled, your payment for your tuition fee must be processed first.

During the enrollment period, departments will be accessible for consultation with students and coordination with academic and administrative offices.
REQUIRED courses are those that a student:
  • Is scheduled to take based on his/her approved curriculum
  • Must take in order to become a regular again because of failed or delayed courses due to (1) Leave of Absences, (2) Junior Term Abroad, and (3) previous enrollment in basic/bridging courses (ENG 9/10; FIL 10; MATH 1.1/1.2. etc.)

  • NOT REQUIRED courses are none of the above, and those that a student would like to take in advance to make his/her academic load lighter than the prescribed maximum number of units in a future semester or school year.

    For this semester, we do not differentiate subjects into required and not required. Students have to follow what is advised in their IPS.
    You can check your hold orders through your AISIS account by clicking “My Hold Orders". Contact the departments and offices concerned to clear this hold order as this will prevent a student from enlisting during online enlistment. You may refer to LS Online Office Directory for contacts.
    Your tuition receipt will be available on AISIS (after one (1) banking day from the time the payment is made for off-campus payments).
    Enlistment cannot be completed without confirmation. If you do not click "Confirm Enlistment” your slots will not be registered and you will not be officially enrolled in the classes you chose.

    People often lose their slots because they do not confirm and wrongly believe that they have completed the online enlistment process. If this happens to you, you may need to enlist during FREE-FOR-ALL. To avoid losing your slot/s for the class/es you want, click the "Confirm Enlistment" button after choosing your classes. You may print your assessment form afterwards.
    This class will automatically be transferred to the next applicable semester and it will not be included in your tuition fee. You may take it on the next applicable semester (if the service department will be offering it for that semester). Otherwise, the IPS will have to be fixed again during the advisement period for the next term. RO will coordinate with freshmen and sophomores while home departments will handle juniors and seniors.
    Once cleared by the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, students may enlist during their batch schedule. Inquiries may be directed through their email:
    Your tuition receipt will be available on AISIS after one (1) banking day for off-campus payments.
    Pre-enlisted classes can be viewed two (2) days prior to registration.
    A student is officially enrolled when they have paid for their Tuition Fee.

    Online Registration Questions

    Because manual registration is no longer being implemented, the students will receive only one batch number for round one of online enlistment. There is no batching for round two of online enlistment. To avoid confusion, please check your batch number and the corresponding batch schedule in your OBF email account.
    Manual registration has been replaced by the “2nd Round” of enlistment. This means that ALL SLOTS will be offered right away, contrary to manual registration where departments can only incrementally offer slots. During Round 2 of enlistment, all slots will be available.

    HOWEVER, please note that you must only sign up for classes you are ELIGIBLE for (i.e., it’s in your IPS, or it’s a required subject). If you enlist and enroll in a class you are not eligible for, you will be asked to undergo a LOAD REVISION process.
    The time schedules of Round 1 and Round 2 are different even for the same batch numbers. You may enlist for all the classes you need during the first round of enlistment. However, tagged classes—if you were not able to enlist there before—will have their tags conditionally lifted according to the departments' discretion only during Free-For-All.
    The department bases the number of slots for a course on the number of students who got advised for it so ideally there should be enough.
    You may try getting the class through load revision.
    Yes there has been an announcement last June 15, 2020 that the school will be transitioning to online classes for Intersession and First Semester of SY 2020-2021. The same will apply for the second semester. You can look more into the details through here.
    Students may revise their load (add/withdraw classes, change sections) starting June 22, 2021.

    The specific dates covering the load revision period can be accessed here.