1. Clear your hold orders AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Students with hold orders cannot enlist online. You need to clear and lift your hold order with the concerned office/s before you can avail of internet enlistment and regular registration.
  2. Make sure you remember your AISIS username and password. In case you forgot your password, you may request for a new one on AISIS Online.
  3. Take the time to completely and accurately accomplish the Student Information form on your AISIS accounts You may experience some delays if you do not fill in all of the required fields for your student information. It is also important that we have current and accurate contact information of your parents or, in their absence, your guardians. Their contact information should be distinct from your own contact information. This is to enable the school to access your Emergency Contacts to ensure your safety and welfare.
  4. Graduate students coming back from LOA should email the Office of the Registrar to have their AISIS account activated at least one (1) week before online registration. You can email or message them via Google Chat through these addresses: registrar.soh@ateneo.edu, registrar.jgsom@ateneo.edu, registrar.sose@ateneo.edu, registrar.soss@ateneo.edu
  5. Plan your schedules and make sure you have back-up schedules This will help you enlist faster, in case the classes you have chosen are already closed.
  6. Immediately click the “confirm enlistment” button every time you enlist in a class. Enlistment cannot be completed without confirmation. If you do not confirm, your slots will not be registered and you will not be officially enrolled in the classes you chose. To avoid losing your slots, click the “confirm” button after choosing your classes. Then go back to enlist for your other classes. Repeat until you have enlisted in all advised subjects.
  7. Remember to check if you have enlisted in ALL ADVISED SUBJECTS before proceeding. Students who have paid their tuition CANNOT go through online enlistment anymore. To add, change, or withdraw from sections, you will have to undergo the load revision process. To avoid this, before paying, please download/print your assessment form during your assigned online enlistment schedule, and double-check if the subjects you enlisted for are the correct number.
  8. Enlist only in classes under your curriculum. Undergraduates cannot enlist in graduate-level classes unless pursuing a straight program. First Years and Second Years under the new curriculum must take classes with the new catalog numbers.
  9. Enlist only in classes you are eligible to take. Undergraduates cannot enlist in graduate-level classes unless pursuing a straight program. First Years and Second Years under the new curriculum must take classes with the new catalog numbers. First Years and Second Years should take note that NatSci, PHILO 11, and THEO 12 classes are clustered.
  10. After enlisting and printing your Assessment Form, you may proceed directly to Tuition Payment. Do not proceed to tuition payment unless you have gone through assessment and have downloaded or printed your Assessment Form. Remember to check your enlisted subjects at the bottom of the form (See Sample Assessment form below).
  11. Printing of Assessment Forms can only be done during your scheduled online enlistment time slot. Make sure to download/print your assessment forms to avoid the inconvenience of waiting until the Free-for-All schedule to view and download it. Make sure to double-check that your final assessment form reflects your preferred mode of payment and number of installments.
  12. Payment You have completed your online registration after your tuition payment has been recognized and validated by the Cashier. Payments that are not posted by June 26, 2021 will be subject to a late registration fee. Please note that all Tuition payments made through online facilities are posted 1-2 banking days from the time payment was made (See Online Tuition Payment Options). The Tuition Receipt is downloadable from AISIS 1-2 banking days from the time payment was made, following these steps:
    1. Log in to AISIS
    2. Click ‘PRINT TUITION RECEIPT’ link
    3. Choose school year & semester
    4. Receipts may be viewed, printed, or saved as PDF by clicking the corresponding links for the semester.
    For payment concerns, please contact Cashiers through mdelpilar@ateneo.edu and mhcelestino@ateneo.edu Students will not be able to join online classes unless they are officially enrolled.
  13. AISIS vs Canvas or Moodle Once officially enrolled, students should ensure that enlisted classes/sections on AISIS are the same classes/sections appearing on their Canvas LMS. Inconsistencies should be brought to the attention of Canvas team through canvas.ls@ateneo.edu
  14. Load Revision Load revision requests can be tracked on AISIS. Students will only be able to join online classes once the load revision process is completed or once the changes have been reflected on AISIS.
  15. To avoid long lines in the Cashier, pay online through the Electronic Payment System of: The Tuition Receipt is downloadable from AISIS one banking day from the time payment was made.
  16. After paying, check your enlisted subjects at the bottom of the receipt. This is to ensure that you are officially enrolled in the correct subjects.
  17. Remember to enlist in ALL advised subjects before proceeding to payment.