Load Revision Schedule


Before Load Revision
- Requested adjustment for maximum load (approved within the allotted period) will be taken into account when submitting a load revision request. For questions or concerns, contact the Office of the ADAA (Undergraduate students only).
- For 2nd-5th year and Graduate students requesting for classes NOT in the IPS, please contact your Home Department and seek re-advisement.
- For International Exchange Students (IXS): Coordinate with OIR before submitting a request
- For 1st year students: Secure permission from the Registrar's Office to do Load Revision
June 22, 2021 to June 26, 2021
Set 1
Types of Requests accommodated during this time frame
- Addition/Withdrawal of Course(s)
- Changing of Section
- Change of Status from Audit to Credit
- Change of Status from Credit to Audit
June 22, 2021 to July 24, 2021
Set 2
Types of Requests accommodated during this time frame
- Withdraw from a course
- Change of Status from Credit to Audit
Request Submission
- Go to loadrev.ateneo.edu to access the Load Revision site. The system will be made available within the Load Revision Period.
- Create a New Request Form and fill in the required information for your request.
- After accomplishing the form, click Save, then Submit. The status should be 'Submitted'
- Track the progress of your request through the system
Important Reminders
- Only officially enrolled students and qualified first year students will be allowed to do load revision
- AISIS credentials (ID Number and password) will be used to login to the system.
- Only one (1) active request at a time is allowed.
- Cancellation/modification of request will not be allowed once acted upon by the approver/s.
- The student must attend classes originally enrolled in while the request is being processed
- Changes requested are NOT official until approved at RO level.
- Students must diligently track the progress of their requests. Monitor the remarks provided by the approvers to see if there are actions needed from you (e.g. suggestions from the Subject Department, instructions from the Accounting office, and so on).

Procedures for Change of Degree Program and Application for Minor/Specialization

For more information, please view this memo.
The summarized version can be viewed here.