Load Revision Schedule

Second Semester SY 2022-2023

Before Load Revision
- Requested adjustment for maximum load (approved within the allotted period) will be taken into account when submitting a load revision request. For questions or concerns, contact the Office of the ADAA (Undergraduate students only).
- For 2nd-5th year and Graduate students requesting for classes NOT in the IPS, please contact your Home Department and seek re-advisement.
- For International Exchange Students (IXS): Coordinate with OIR before submitting a request
- For 1st year students: Secure permission from the Registrar's Office to do Load Revision
January 14, 2023 to January 20, 2023
Set 1
Types of Requests accommodated during this time frame:
- Addition/Withdrawal of Course(s)
- Changing of Section
- Change of Status from Audit to Credit and Credit to Audit
January 14, 2023 to March 29, 2023
Set 2
Types of Requests accommodated during this time frame:
- Withdrawal of Course(s) with Permission
- Change of Status from Credit to Audit
Request Submission
- Go to loadrev.ateneo.edu to access the Load Revision site. The system will be made available within the Load Revision Period.
- Create a New Request Form and fill in the required information for your request.
- After accomplishing the form, click Save, then Submit. The status should be 'Submitted.'
- Track the progress of your request through the system.
- Processing of the load revision requests will begin on January 14, 2023, Sundays not included.
- The deadlines only cover the submission of load revision requests. The processing of requests may extend past the listed deadlines.
- Students are reminded to track their requests via AISIS.
- Students will only be able to join classes once the load revision process is completed. Completed means changes have been effected on AISIS.
- Students are allowed to file multiple requests per load revision request.
- For any questions about the process or your application, you may contact the following:
- For concerns regarding your OBF account, please contact:

Procedures for Change of Degree Program and Application for Minor/Specialization

For more information, please view this memo.
The summarized version can be viewed here.